4 Things To Look For When Buying CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras have significantly evolved in the last decade. Modern cameras aren't only smaller in size but also have superior features in terms of resolution, processing power, and image capture performance. 

Unfortunately, buying CCTV cameras has also become more difficult as you need to look through multiple CCTV technologies, features, and camera types. And, even if you're not looking for cameras with high-end features, the last thing you want is blurred or invisible video footage after a burglary incident. So, here are four critical things to look for when buying CCTV cameras. 

CCTV Camera Resolution

This is an essential feature for any CCTV camera. Even for basic home security applications, you need a camera with a high resolution so the images or videos can be clear. If you have to recognize a burglar in video footage, the first step is to see them clearly.

Thankfully, high-definition or HD cameras are quite common and affordable today. You can get cameras that produce videos in 720p and 1080p resolution. Generally, the greater the resolution, the better the quality of the footage. 

CCTV Camera Video Storage

Video recording enables you to keep a history of events around your home or commercial environment without constantly watching a live feed or reacting to every notification that comes up on your smartphone or PC. That means you need a lot of storage space to record all the happenings. 

If you're using local storage, consider having 32 GB or more of storage capacity. This will allow you to record video clips for a couple of weeks. CCTV cameras whose resolutions are above 1080p can even support microSD cards of 64 GB or 128 GB. And if you're using cloud storage, consider a storage capacity that keeps video history for at least 14 days. This allows you sufficient time to review the recordings and download if there is something suspicious.  

Night Vision Capabilities

Your CCTV camera may properly identify people and objects during the day, but it's still not good enough if it cannot do the same at night. Remember, maximum security is often required at night, so you want your cameras to be on alert mode then. 

Thankfully, most modern smart cameras have night vision capabilities, which turn on or off depending on the prevailing natural light. However, all these smart cameras don't have similar night vision capabilities. Some only capture happenings over short distances, while others can support longer distances. Take time to consider which camera suits your needs best. 

A Professional Installer

This has nothing to do with the CCTV cameras but is probably the most important factor to consider. You can buy the most advanced cameras, but all that is nothing if they are incorrectly installed. Therefore, let professionals handle your CCTV installation. Actually, it's advisable to involve them right from the buying stage to ensure you're getting cameras that best suit your specific needs. 

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